Residential Locksmiths

Our 24 hour service should be you first port of call


We should be your first call when you need to improve the security of your home, whether it is a home you have just moved into and you are simply looking to have some of the locks changed or your insurance company requires you to have newer British standard locks. Our 24 hour service can help you anytime – day or night. Knowing we have many team members with years of experience in dealing with everything from lost keys to making your home more secure by installing extra dead locks and from faulty window locks to UPVC mechanism replacements. They really do deal with all lock and key related issues.

Whether it is the middle of the night or Christmlocksas Day we are open and ready to assist you with a 24 hour service that really is open 365 days a year. You can call them for a quote today and have our fast service assist you within the hour with no extra emergency call out charge.

We deal with most lock and key related issues, if you have lost a bag with your keys in it and you are concerned that that bag may also contain your address. You need an emergency locksmith who can make your home secure once again. If you have a key snapped or stuck inside a keyhole they can arrive quickly to either extract the key or replace the lock.

If you are doing some home improvement and your old door handles and locks design does not go with the new look you are going for we stock a huge range of colours and designs of door handle and locks to go with whatever design vision you have for your home.

Again aiming to be with you within the hour, they provide a competitively priced and high quality locksmith service year round.

Your home security is our main concern, we will never leave your house vulnerable – All of our locks come with a 1 year guarantee! If we need to order in parts we will make sure your home is 100% secure and come back the next day to fit the parts!

Should I get a security inspection done for my home?

There are a countless number of benefits to organising a home security inspection and  having your residence checked by an expert. It’s especially relevant if you know your property has not been inspected for quite some time. By many considered an inexpensive method to become both up to date and aware to your own security situation. We provide affordable security with our advice.

Only great reasons for an affordable home security inspectionOur professionals highly recommend that you book in for one. Affordable, quick and around your schedule we can assist.

The first and major reason to why you should get one done is your security. The security of your family, yourself and your valued items. Also worth a mention is the home you’ve spent years building and investing in. It would simply be foolish to leave it open to risks which could easily be avoided if you only knew about them.

A security inspection informs and helps you find the places where your security can improve. It will bring you many good ideas of how to easily and affordably bring yourself up to a high security standard using simple means and small resources.

It’s common for businesses and larger companies to have their security thoroughly checked every year. Although the frequency can be lower for the average home. It’s still judicious and applicable to have your residence looked at every couple of years or so.

The security market industry moving at a quick pace. The opposition of burglars is just ever so slightly behind.

Stay up to date the easy and quick way. At your arranged time a security technician will turn up at your door. After that you will spend up to an hour. Depending on the size of your home and garden. Walking through your property. Professional eyes will survey your doors, windows and any other entry points. As well as the outside areas. Pointing out any security risks that is perceived. As well as giving you chance to ask any questions that you may have.

Easy ways to increase your home security

Here we can provide you with multiple ways on increasing your homes security! For example, when a home has been the attack of a break-in, we will get to your home and change all vulnerable locks with brand new, high-quality home security locks! We will always offer you a higher quality locks to help increase your security. The most common break-ins involve a uPVC door, this is because, unaware to the public – standard uPVC door locks are very vulnerable to a technique used by burglars called “snapping”. This involves completely snapping the euro lock and then manipulating the mechanism.

Whilst it may seem that the multi-point mechanism is secure, when it has a standard euro lock it can be very easily manipulated, so call us today and we can fit you an anti-snap euro cylinder – this type of lock is designed to withhold against brute force, so it wont allow the intruder to get into your home. Installing top-quality home security locks can actively protect against future break-ins.  And, we are able to fit these locks for you the very same day! Any amount of lock changes, we can do! We keep our vans fully stocked to deal with any type of situation! Call your local saviour to get an over the phone quote for any amount of lock changes!

Commercial security advice and solutions

 Lock Installation

Are you the owner of a small shop, or do you manage a property for a small or medium business? Do you possibly run a family business that you want to make sure is secure as can be? Then you can get in touch with your local Locksmith, we can send an engineer to your business/home to help identify weak/easy targets on your building, and even

giving you ways to help improve your business’s security. We can also help make sure you have all your bases covered by making sure your building is safe and secure, based on your needs. With your Locksmith we are always on call to help with any lock related situation, whether its security inspections, advice and any lock installations, we can leave your business with a very high standard of security.

Here we will always put your security first, because of this we only stock British standard quality locks, by doing this we can leave you, your security specialist and all your products as safe and secure as they need to be. You can get anything from Locksmith locks to alarm systems and monitoring and more from your Locksmith, so feel free to get in touch with a member of our locksmith friendly service today and we can help you with any lock related situation you’re having. As well as being able to give you quotes over the phone!

Domestic security – what to be aware of

A point which we would like to bring up today is that of home security awareness. This may or may not be a new term to you, however, regardless if it’s the first time you hear about it, it’s something that is in high need in the current day and age.

We know that there are today a row of factors which shows the average home owner at risk. This may be disconcerting, and to some extent this is something we see as healthy.

 helping you to home security awarenessThere are many homes out there today which stands without even the most basic proper protection. Of course we are making reference to the door lock. Ensuring that your locks at home are up to date and of the right kind is of the utmost importance as there are known techniques to bypass locks of low standards in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials in our key cutting service. If you are interested in ensuring that your locks at home are of the right kind, and if not, getting some up to date, high security locks installed for your doors this is something that your highly trained and caring locksmith service can help you with. We use high end gear for all our key duplication.

All you need to do is get in touch today, a lock check can be performed fast at a time that suits you, and of course should any of your locks be in need of changing this is something that can happen on the spot, quickly and effortlessly as your locksmith service always stock a range of high security locks which fit most doors. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.