Commercial Locksmiths

Commercial Locksmiths in London

We provide a no-nonsense service for both commercial and residential properties. From a simple lock swap to a complete security revamp to make sure that your commercial property has a good standard of locks and other security measures in place. Such as installing and programming digital locks.

We have had years of experience dealing with large commercial jobs as well as taking quick measures when, for example, a shop has been broken into in the early hours of the morning. We will be with you within the hour to make your store secure and they can advice you on what type padlockof locks would be best for high value commercial properties.

We often carry many different types to commercial jobs as to make sure that you have the most secure and reliable locks in place. They can also help by doing a locksmith Chelsea security assessment of your property to figure out any weak points in the buildings security.  They can make sure that your store, warehouse or restaurant meet security specifications of your company’s insurance provider.

If your company has recently purchased a business property, we can assist you by changing all the locks quickly and fitting new higher security locks where necessary. They understand that most shops in Chelsea have valuable stock and so often need higher security measures in place, compared to other areas of London.

As one of the main locksmiths in the area, we pride ourselves in being able to help with everything from lost keys to security improvements.  They provide an amazing all round security service by using range of high security locks from Bahman to Yale. Give us a call today for security consultation, friendly advice and any queries you may have.

Commercial locksmiths ensure day-to-day running

helping your business keep secureIf you are searching for a  service provider who will be with you all the way, from the day you call us and forward, feel free to get in touch with the dedicated team here. Long lasting customer relationships are a priority here, built on trust, built to last, and of course built to suit your needs exactly. In coming to a highly trained team with a long history of experience in providing great security solutions to commercial customers of all sizes, you will truly have the best of what is out there at your disposal. With individualised solutions to fit the needs of your business, including everything from up to date locks, central locking systems, alarm and monitoring systems, added security features and much more. All this you will get from a service with fastidious attention to detail, meaning that any installation work required will be done to perfection.

Of course prices are competitive, products are of the highest possible quality and up to date with the latest within the industry, and service is provided around your busy schedule. If there is anything that your service team understands, it’s the need for flexibility and intuitive solutions which are made to suit your specific needs.

If you are currently in thought with regards to the security of your business, why not get in touch with an experience experts today? Our fast service will see your queries and problems addressed as quick as humanly possible. By calling, you will have taken the first step to ensuring the security of your business. All your questions are happily answered and all your concerns are addressed, as clear communication is part of the great customer service are happy to provide you with.

Patio door locks and other garden security essentials

We would like to make sure that the security of all your tools and machinery is of the finest quality. We understand wanting to keep your items safe from any thieves in the area, which is why we would like to let the public know that thieves will sometimes try to use the garden to break in. A sturdy patio door lock is, therefore, just as important as a front door. We stock reliable garden security essentials, so please contact us if you have any questions concerning your garden’s security.

Moreover, the garden shed is often a target, too. This is because they know that people sometimes keep expensive machinery that can be sold easily and would be less suspicious than breaking into a home. Because of this, we would like to take the time and give you a few ideas on how to keep your garden shed safe and secure. So to start we would like to make sure you provide a proper lock for your shed, storage container or greenhouse.

The padlock that we recommend use is an alarmed padlock. This padlock, if tampered with, will set a siren sounding noise, by having this it will allow you and your neighbours to be warned that there is an intruder in your garden that is trying to break-in to the shed/outdoor structure, thus allowing you to take action by calling the police, hopefully the alarm should scare away the intruder without him being able to take anything. We also would like to stress upon making sure that the brackets that you use for hanging the  padlock onto the shed and/or greenhouse are properly fitted to the frame, making it harder to break into.

Showing off new electronics, some friendly advise from usprotect valuables

With Christmas on its way, we would like to stress the point of not making your home a target of an attack with a few simple reminders/tips. We would like to remind the public to not leave the boxes of their new electronics, be it a new flat screen or any other type of console/mobile phone, in your front garden for everyone to see, especially any opportunistic thieves. The local police can also offer advice and tips from police. This is a lot more important during the Christmas season because thieves will be on the prowl for a house to hit. We know how exciting it is to get new smart phones and gaming stations, but this clouds your judgement when throwing away the boxes in a proper manner. We suggest taking the box to a local recycling station that is close to you and leave the boxes there; by doing this it not only creates less clutter in your front garden, but it will also remove any temptation for any thieves that area looking for any homes to hit, thereby reducing the risk of your home being the victim of an attack We like to inform our customers how to improve your home security without breaking the bank – it’s just another part of job for us.

Window Locks from our team

We would like to take the time to highlight the importance of having a good, secure window lock for the windows inside your home or business. Whilst it is a great thing to have high security locks onto your front/back doors, you have to remember that the door is not the only point of entry a thief could use. So ensuring your house is protected by strong window locks can really cover all your bases. And because our team insist on keeping our vans fully stocked with brand new, secure locks we can fit as many window locks as you need, any time you like! We can even add a little extra security onto your windows if that’s something you are also looking for, just call us today to speak to a member of our friendly team and we can get your home secure in no time!

Should I Install Anti-snap Cylinder Locks?Anti-snap cylinder

We are always looking out for your homes security, which is why today we would like to take a moment to tell you about a lock known as the Anti-snap euro cylinder lock. We can stress highly enough the important and great use this lock is. We  deal with break-ins on a day-to-day basis. By doing this, we have noticed a trend on the type of door that is most commonly broken into. These are the uPVC doors – uPVC door locks are easy targets for a thief. Burglars will commonly go for these type of doors because if you have a standard uPVC door lock, this type of lock can be “snapped” which will render the multi-point locking mechanism inside the door useless, this allows them to get into your home within seconds! But don’t worry, our team have a solutions. Call us today and we can install Anti-snap cylinder locks. We’ll help you secure your home to the highest standard.