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Our Locksmith Chelsea service Call: 0203 538 5441 provides a fast, reliable and reasonable priced 24 hour a day locksmith service. As well as over the phone quotes on any and all security improvements your home may need.Whether you have lost the keys to your bike lock or the keys to your home Locksmiths Chelsea are the company to help you! Aiming to get to you within half an hour they pride themselves in providing a high standard of service.

Your Locksmith Chelsea can arrive quickly and provide an efficient service, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.They should be your first call if your home has been broken into they can arrive swiftly and make sure that your home is made more secure than ever. Call now for an over the phone quotation and have someone with you within the hour to solve and security issues you may be facing.

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When locksmiths Chelsea can help with small things like a key that is stuck or snapped off in a lock to complete home security improvements. No matter how big or small the lock or door related issue you are facing: Locksmiths Chelsea can quickly assess what need to be done to either gain access or make your business or residential property more secure.

As Locksmiths Chelsea they deal with everything from UPVC door repair to safe opening to lock removal. There is no lock or key related issue that they can not provide a solution for. With a large team of locksmiths with years of experience in various different fields.

Locksmiths Chelsea pride themselves in finding solutions for all security related issues so even if you do not think it is something a locksmith can help with or if you think whatever lock or key you have is beyond repair Locksmiths Chelsea are there to help you today! Locks in the shop from £18.


The great benefits of a home security alarm and monitoring system with your locksmith Chelsea team

great home security solutions with your locksmith chelsea expertIn the case that you are currently searching for a better and more secure situation for yourself at home or at work, we suggest that you get in touch with us at your next available convenience. Speaking with this caring, understanding and highly trained locksmith Chelsea service team will no doubt leave you better informed with regards to your own security.

Security checks, advice and answers for your questions can be found both with regards to your private home as well as to your commercial business. Security solutions of a wide range of kinds to a broad spectrum of different situation is no issue for the flexible and intuitive locksmith Chelsea service team.

The history in practical experience together with the dedicated in house education which is constantly under way you will find that the security you need is available here, at the right price.

Keeping home and business security affordable for customers is something that this locksmith Chelsea service team sees the importance of. It’s simply not a good reason to use finances and budget as an excuse for overlooked security.

Without the proper protection a disaster, financially and physically could be just around the corner, and as with a locksmith Chelsea service team such as this one, security is made applicable and cost efficient, a high security situation is available at a fraction of the potential cost of a horror scenario.

If you are interested in keeping safe, keeping your family safe, and keeping your financial situation secure, then call on your locksmith Chelsea service team today, here you will find the help, the advice, the good habits of thought and routine to ensure that your home or business is left as safe as can be. Feel free to call now for more information.

Installing a Locksmith Chelsea flood light.

Having a good flood light installed in your back (or front) garden is a good way to see any threat that may be out there, especially with the dark nights that are soon coming, being able to see any threat in your garden is a major help in preventing a home invasion. Here at Locksmiths Chelsea we recommend getting a flood light that has an installed basic motion sensor that will automatically trigger the light. This will help scare of any potential intruder away from your home. Locksmiths Chelsea can’t recommend highly enough how useful this is when it comes to your homes security. If an intruder thinks he has been seen, he wont attempt to break-in. Not sure what to get? Call your local Locksmiths Chelsea today and we can help you pick the perfect light to fit your needs!

Only high quality keys with your locksmith Chelsea mater key cutter

a locksmiths chelsea service team enthusiastic about your keysKeys are perhaps one of the most important and symbolic items of the current age. We are all still but human, and having a key means having a place to go, shelter, and all the additions our modern lives provide us with.

To your locksmith Chelsea service team keys are important, not only in their symbolic value of opening something, but also though the sheer practical value they have bestowed upon them.

The keys which we have, use and know where they are prove a great help, a tool in the living of our lives, however, should they not function correctly or should the lock that they are meant to open be faulty they can be the source of great distress and pain.

This is something that your locksmith Chelsea service team understands, and it’s also the reason to why the 24 hour lockout line is always open. Meaning that you can call at any time for assistance in such a situation.

Should you be in current need of getting a spare set of keys cut, coming to this master key cutter is highly recommended. With the most common key types in stock you will be able to have your new precision cut keys in your hand in a swift and efficient manner. There are also possibilities to order parts for many special keys so call a perfectionist locksmith Chelsea key cutting service today to find out more about your custom and code keys.

Regardless of what key you are in need of, you can rely on your locksmith Chelsea service team to provide the best, fastest and high quality duplication service in the area, so call now with your key, lock and security related questions.

Simple high security solutions with your caring locksmith Chelsea team

simple high security locksmith chelsea solutionsIn the ever evolving complex lives that we face today there is a route of simplicity which often holds many lessons. For the team here, this is something we keep in mind to ensure that we don’t forget the main purpose of what we doing.

So if you get in touch with this highly trained and intuitive locksmith Chelsea service team, you will be sure to find home security solutions, which are up to the highest level of industry standards, but which are kept simple and applicable. Any home situation is unique, and with having seen a whole variety of different scenarios, having helped countless of home owners and business owners to a better and more secure day to day, the team here are well aware of the fact that more is not always better.

Being able to provide security features and add layers to your already existing situation where they are the most effective and the most needed is our speciality. And by speaking to a locksmith Chelsea expert you will also have the right idea of where to start should you be new to the world of security.

Keeping a good and secure area at home is not something which has to cost a fortune, nor is it a big and difficult project to take on. It is as simple as giving the wonderful locksmith Chelsea service team here a call, in having the conversation and discussion you will have taken the first step to a more secure home and a more relaxed life. So don’t hesitate, feel free to pick the phone up and dial the number for this up to date and on the ball service team today.

Fake Locksmith Chelsea Security Cameras.Locksmith Chelsea fake CCTV

You can get fake security cameras that look identical to the real thing! An intruder will only break into a house if he thinks its an easy target, they wont take the risk of breaking into a house with a potential security system and risk being caught. We recommend the basic ones that flash and show intruders that there is potential power going into the camera, this will stop any attempt of a break-in. So call your local Locksmiths Chelsea today and we can help increase your homes security to its maximum potential.

Get a dog says Locksmith Chelsea

Dogs are a very good way to add a visual deterrent to your home, not only do they have impeccable hearing, almost 4 times of the average human, they will also bark to show any sign of intrusion in your house. Don’t forget your local council will also be able to advise you on security measures. Now we understand the responsibility required of having a dog is quite high, so its not for some. But for those who are looking to get a pet, a dog is a great way to secure your home, and get a new best friend in the process! So here at Locksmiths Chelsea, we would like to urge you to get a pet that will be friendly, and protect your home and you. Dogs are a great example for this, they will protect your home both when you are in the house, and when you are not.

Tips from  Locksmith Chelsea.

Now, here at Locksmith Chelsea key holderLocksmith Chelsea we would like to stress that being locked out is to no fault of your own, for example the lock can suddenly stop working or you can lose your keys, or even snap the key in the lock. However, quite often that not people are locked out of their home because they leave their keys inside the house, which is why with your Locksmith Chelsea would like to bring up a few points to help our customers not get locked out of their house. The first point we would like to talk about is to have a good spot to keep the keys, for example having a key hanger by your front door, so it becomes a routine to pick up your keys from that exact location and to leave them there when you get back home. By doing this it will lessen the chance of losing your own keys in your home! The second point we would to discuss is to leave a spare set of keys with someone you can trust, for example a relative who lives near you should an emergency arise, you would get a spare set of keys to you have and not have to fork out the money for calling out a locksmith!

Small business security by Locksmith Chelsea.

Locksmith Chelsea Lock Installation

Are you the owner of a small shop, or do you manage a property for a small or medium business? Do you possibly run a family business that you want to make sure is secure as can be? Then you can get in touch with your local Locksmith Chelsea, we can send an engineer to your business/home to help identify weak/easy targets on your building, and even

giving you ways to help improve your business’s security. We can also help make sure you have all your bases covered by making sure your building is safe and secure, based on your needs. With your Locksmiths Chelsea we are always on call to help with any lock related situation, whether its security inspections, advice and any lock installations, we can leave your business with a very high standard of security. Here at Locksmith Chelsea we will always put your security first, because of this we only stock British standard quality locks, by doing this we can leave you, your team and all your products as safe and secure as they need to be. You can get anything from locks to alarm systems and monitoring and more from your Locksmith, so feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today and we can help you with any lock related situation you’re having. As well as being able to give you quotes over the phone!

Your locksmith Chelsea raising home security awareness

A point which the trained and caring team here would like to bring up today is that of home security awareness. This may or may not be a new term to you, however, regardless if it’s the first time you hear about it, it’s something that is in high need in the current day and age.

Your locksmith Chelsea service team knows that there are today a row of factors which shows the average home owner at risk. This may be disconcerting, and to some extent this is something we see as healthy.

This simply as, even though your locksmith Chelsea service does not hold the intention to scare anyone, it may bring forward and into attention something of high importance.

your locksmith chelsea helping you to home security awarenessThere are many homes out there today which stands without even the most basic proper protection. Of course we are making reference to the door lock. Ensuring that your locks at home are up to date and of the right kind is of the utmost importance as there are known techniques to bypass locks of low standards in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. If you are interested in ensuring that your locks at home are of the right kind, and if not, getting some up to date, high security locks installed for your doors this is something that your highly trained and caring locksmith Chelsea service team can help you with.

All you need to do is get in touch today, a lock check can be performed fast at a time that suits you, and of course should any of your locks be in need of changing this is something that can happen on the spot, quickly and effortlessly as your locksmith Chelsea service team always stock a range of high security locks which fit most doors. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Fast and easy security with your locksmith Chelsea service

fast and easy home security with your locksmith chelsea service teamIn the day and age we live in today, it’s important to ensure that one have some vital security features installed at any home or work place. This especially important if you are a home or a business owner as the risks you are facing, not only physical, but also financial pitfalls which can occur should a disaster strike. Your locksmith Chelsea service team are experts in the area of security and can help you find the right solution for your home or your business.

It’s fast, easy and all you need to do is call today and discuss what you need and what you have in mind. Of course upon calling, or upon meeting after arranging a time, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have, as well as have a look at any concerns which may be weighing on your mind.

With great service, high quality products and prices which your locksmith Chelsea service ensures stay low, so that you can enjoy great value for money and the highest quality security, you can rest assured that you have made a good choice if you call us.

24 hours a day our telephone lines are manned, meaning that you can call no matter the hour if you are in urgent need, and the same availability and flexibility applies for any appointment or work that you need to get booked in. If you are unsure or unaware of your security situation, your locksmith Chelsea service team will no doubt be able to provide the guidance and advice you need to make your situation the best it can be from a security point of view.

Garden structure security with your locksmith Chelsea professionals

lockable garden shed with your locksmith chelsea outdoor security expertThe conversations are many today when it comes to security. In the business world it has for longer been a bigger and more common topic, but these days it arrives often when in conversation between home owners and so forth. What your locksmith Chelsea service team sees at sometimes is a great security system and great security measures put in place for a home, forgetting the outside areas and rendering much of what would have been a very strong security design out of sync and with diminished security effect.

It’s advisable to always seek the expertise of a trained professional such as the individuals in this locksmith Chelsea service team if you are giving thought to and wishing to install security features at your home. A security feature is only as good as it weakest point, and if one forgets about the outdoor security of one’s garden whilst adding a great many security features to only the front door there is a risk of paying a high price.

Keeping areas well lit, ensuring no dark pathways up to the house can be taken comfortably in the shadows by a burglar, providing good locks for your outdoor structures and garden gates etc. and of course making sure that the security features you choose for your house are placed efficiently where they will do the most good. Your locksmith Chelsea service team guarantees you competitive prices and applicable and effective security solutions, so if you are looking at installing something, why not let an expert with training and experience take care of it.

Lock repairs and Locksmith Chelsea installations

Here at Locksmith Chelsea, we find keeping a number ready for a local locksmith service is something that everyone should have ready, for if the situation arises that you need to call upon a Locksmith Chelsea service, you don’t have to waste time upon finding a trustworthy locksmith. Locksmith Chelsea are dedicated towards building a long lasting customer relationship with all of our customers, the team here are always ready to bring you a high quality service, with affordable, competitive prices as well as greeting you with a smile and always working towards your satisfaction. That means that if you choose to call upon us to be your locksmith Chelsea, all of your lock requirements will be met with only the highest level of standards. as well as providing you with a 1 year guarantee for the locks.

Keep the areas at home sufficiently lit with your locksmith Chelsea service team

your locksmith chelsea helping you keep litGetting in touch with your favourite security advice providing team to ensure that your home is kept safe at night is simple, and ensuring that you have the dark areas outside of your home lit is something that your locksmith Chelsea service team can help you with. Book in for a security inspection with a trained professional today, something that can happen around your schedule as inconvenient hours is something that is happily accommodated for with us.

Keeping the main entrances as well as any backdoor entrance and hidden window areas secure is something that your experienced locksmith Chelsea service team can help with. In a security inspection with someone who knows where your night lights need to be placed will inform and advice you to the best positioning for your outdoor lighting investments. During an appointment you will of course also be left more informed with regards to your general security situation and find tips to any other things which may be a good idea for you to instate. And should you wish to have any new security locks or security equipment installed this is something that your trained, diligent and knowledgeable locksmith Chelsea service team can help with. Feel free to get in touch at any time for a consultation and if you have questions that are eating at your mind you can bring them to the team here.

Keeping a secure home is something with holds increasing importance for any property owner, and with keeping safe you will save yourself a whole world of worry. Ensuring good security is also a way to protect against potential future disaster both physically and financially.

Alarmed padlock for your garden shed, storage or greenhouse – Simple security from your Locksmith Chelsea

Here at locksmith Chelsea, we would like to make sure that the security of all your tools and machinery. We understand wanting to keep your items safe from any thieves in the area, which is why we would like to let the public know that thieves will sometimes try to go for the garden shed. This is because they know that people sometimes keep expensive machinery that can be sold easily and would be less suspicious than breaking into a home. Because of this Locksmith Chelsea would like to take the time and give you a few ideas on how to keep your garden shed safe and secure. So to start we would like to make sure you provide a proper lock for your shed, storage container or greenhouse.

The padlock that we recommend to use for your outdoor structure is an alarmed padlock. This padlock, if tampered will set a siren sounding noise, by having this it will allow you and your neighbors to be warned that there is an intruder in your garden that is trying to break-in to the shed/outdoor structure, thus allowing you to take action by calling the police, hopefully the alarm should scare away the intruder without him being able to take anything. We also would like to stress upon making sure that the brackets that you use for hanging the padlock onto the shed and/or greenhouse are properly fitted to the frame, making it harder to break into.

Showing off new electronics, advice from your Locksmith ChelseaLocksmith Chelsea protect valuables

With Christmas on its way, we would like to stress the point of not making your home a target of an attack with a few simple reminders/tips. Locksmiths Chelsea would like to remind the public to not leave the boxes of their new electronics, be it a new flat screen or any other type of console/mobile phone, in your front garden for everyone to see, especially any opportunistic thieves. The local police can also offer advice and tips from police. This is a lot more important during the Christmas season because thieves will be on the prowl for a house to hit. We know how exciting it is to get new smart phones and gaming stations, but this clouds your judgment when throwing away the boxes in a proper manner. Locksmiths Chelsea would like to suggest to bring the box to a local recycling station that is close to you and leave the boxes there, by doing this it wont only create less clutter in your front garden, it will also remove any temptation for any thieves that area looking for any homes to hit, thereby reducing the risk of your home being the victim of an attack.


Window Locks from your Locksmiths Chelsea

Here at Locksmith Chelsea, we would like to take the time to highlight the importance of having a good, secure window lock for the windows inside your home or business. Whilst it is a great thing to have high security locks onto your front/back doors, you have to remember that the door is not the only point of entry a thief could use. So by having a secure lock on all your windows can really cover all your bases. And because here at your local Locksmith Chelsea we like to keep our vans fully stocked with brand new, secure locks we can fit as many window locks as you need, any time you like! We can even add a little extra security onto your windows if that’s something you are also looking for, just call your local Locksmith Chelsea today to speak to a member of our friendly team and we can get your home secure in no time!


The Importance of Anti-snap Locks, simple advice from your Locksmith ChelseaLocksmith Chelsea Anti-snap cylinder

Locksmith Chelsea are always looking out for your homes security, which is why today we would like to take a moment to tell you about a lock known as the Anti-snap euro cylinder lock. We can stress highly enough the important and great use this lock is. Here at Locksmith Chelsea, we have to deal with a high amount of break-ins on a day-to-day basis, by doing this we have noticed a trend on the type of door that is most commonly broken into. These are the uPVC doors. It is a known fact that burglars will commonly go for these type of doors because if you have a standard uPVC lock, this type of lock can be “snapped” which will render the multi-point locking mechanism inside the door useless, this allows them to get into your home within seconds! But don’t worry, you can call your local Locksmith Chelsea team today and we can help you to secure your home to the highest standard.